WhatsApp Tricks – How to Change the ‘Escape’ Option, Enable Voice Notes, and More!

Want to make your WhatsApp experience even better? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how to change the ‘Escape’ option, enable Voice notes, and more! And then you’ll have an endless supply of new features to try. If you’ve used WhatsApp for years, you probably already know about this trick, but have you ever thought about using it to add a Message counter to your conversations? Or make Markdown format messages even more useful?

Message counter

The Message counter on WhatsApp isn’t the only change that’s happening to the messaging app. Earlier, users had the option of viewing the highest message count, as well as deleting certain types of messages. For example, they could delete all animated GIFs in a chat at once, and didn’t have to delete each individual image. Although the new “Storage Usage” page isn’t yet ready for a global rollout, it is likely that the company will bring back the Message counter before the service rolls out the feature to the general public.

Alternatively, users can also download their WhatsApp chat log in text format, as well as email them. To download the individual counts, they can simply search for “am” and “pm” in their chat log, and add them to the list. This way, they’ll know exactly how many messages they’ve sent. Alternatively, they can search the text for “am” or “pm” to see who’s been chatting with them most recently.

Markdown formatting options

WhatsApp users can now use Markdown-style formatting on their messages. This feature lets you use asterisks, underscores, and tilde keys to make text bold and italics. Additionally, you can strikethrough text and change font to monospace. To access the formatting options, longpress the target word. Once highlighted, tap the vertical ellipsis and select an attribute. Text will be formatted accordingly.

Once you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp, you can use Markdown formatting options to format your text. Markdown characters are used to emphasize words and phrases. The Markdown feature is available on IOS and Android devices. Before using the format, how to read someone’s text messages without their phone free be sure to update your version. It’s recommended that you use the latest version of WhatsApp. The app offers a rich set of formatting options. To learn more about formatting options in WhatsApp, keep reading!

Voice notes

Unlike SMS, WhatsApp voice notes are stored in a folder called voice notes. They are also available in the phone’s internal memory. You can listen to your voice notes outside of chat if you wish. This feature doesn’t work on desktop versions of WhatsApp, but it’s still in development. It is available to iOS and Android users. If you have trouble accessing your voice notes, check out this guide. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of saving voice notes on WhatsApp.

To add voice memos to your WhatsApp conversations, simply record a message and then press the “Review” button. When recording an audio message, you can hear it first before sending it. To hear it before you send it, tap the “Review” button. Once you’re satisfied, you can delete it and try again. WhatsApp also recently added new small features. Currently, it’s testing the feature on multi-device support and adding new animated stickers. The new features are expected to be available by the end of 2021.

‘Escape’ from WhatsApp

If you’ve ever wanted to escape from WhatsApp, you’ve likely wondered how you can do it. The good news is that there are several options available. Some of them even work from your computer! Here are five ways to use WhatsApp to your advantage. The first one is to use the escape feature. It sends your location through the GPS or A-GPS. By doing this, you can easily find your location on a map and keep your privacy intact.

There are other messaging apps, including Signal and Telegram, that you can use instead.

Signal is end-to-end encrypted and has no ads, and it’s free! It’s also possible to delete your WhatsApp account if you’re concerned about your privacy. Signal also has no ads and no data tracking. These are just a few of the many reasons to choose these apps. But what’s worse is that they can be addictive – and they’re both free!

Hide ‘Read Receipts’

If you want to turn off the ‘Read Receipts feature’ on WhatsApp, you can do so by adjusting your settings. To hide this feature, go to Account > Settings > Privacy and toggle off the ‘Show read receipts’ toggle. Once you’ve turned off this toggle, you won’t receive notifications when someone reads your status update. This will not be visible for everyone on your contact list.

You can also turn off ‘Read Receipts.’ This way, your contacts will not know when you read their messages or view their status updates. However, the read receipts will remain visible for group chats. You can also disable the read receipts on Facebook. Just click the privacy button and turn off ‘Show read receipts.’ Your status updates will no longer be visible to other users.


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