Stories of Hope: Drilling Into My Skull and Injecting Stem Cells Helped My Stroke

Former Texas police officer Ricky Turner, paralyzed in a horrific car accident, has been recovering since he went to China for adult stem cell therapy to treat spinal cord injury (SCI). After the 2006 car accident, Ricky was not only paralyzed, but also suffered a nerve injury that caused sharp pain every time he touched the middle and index fingers of his left hand.

Ricky thought for two years that he had no hope of improvement. However, he later heard about adult stem cell therapy in China that helped patients with similar spinal cord injuries show improvement. Ricky booked his trip in March 2008. In China, Ricky injected adult stem cells from cord blood into the spinal cord. Doctors thought it would take a couple of months for Ricky to show improvement over adult stem cells. It was only 3 weeks!

Three weeks after her adult stem cell treatment and rehabilitation, Ricky was with her mother and touched her middle and index fingers. There was no pain! Then Ricky moved one of his fingers that he couldn’t move forward. For them, it was a miracle. Ricky’s mother attacked Ricky and called the surprised doctor who started filming. Ricky and his mother happily cried.
Ricky is getting better these days. Now he can move his torso, strengthen the strength and movement of his arms, and even wrestle with a 4-year-old child.

Ricky’s story is great, but it’s a shame he had to travel to China to get adult stem cell therapy. Adult stem cell proponents point out Ricky’s story, saying that adult stem cell research is helping people abroad every day and that a cure for this miracle should be available in the United States.
The Repair Stem Cell Institute was established to umbilcial cord scottsdale educate and educate patients with chronic and chronic diseases and to help find qualified physicians to provide mature stem cell therapy to improve their quality of life. It is a public interest company.

The Recovery Stem Cell Institute website has a list of diseases and injuries currently being treated with adult stem cells. The website also tells readers where and how to look for that particular stem cell therapy [].
Adult stem cells (also known as repair stem cells) can now help over 100 diseases and symptoms. The Recovery Stem Cell Institute provides the latest information on these adult stem cell therapies.

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