Market demand drives rare metal plates to rise

In recent months, A-shares rare metal plates present a rising market. As of September 8, a rare metal topic index of the main constituents in the field of rare earth and lithium, has reached 103.8% this year.

What is a rare metal? According to the physical and chemical properties of various elements, it mainly includes five categories of rare light metal, rare and thin-free metals, rare dispersed metals, rare earth metals, and rare radioactive metals, while we are more well known to rare earth, lithium, molybdenum, Titanium, tungsten, indium is here.

In the context of my country’s current economy has turned from high-speed growth stages, carbon-up, carbon, and become the necessary roads, new energy, energy storage and other industries to develop opportunities. . As the important rare earth, lithium, tungsten, indium, such as the new energy upstream industrial chain, have a \”windmill\” of the new energy track, this year, demand has increased significantly, which makes these rare metals in the limited situation Helite.

From the semi-annual newspapers disclosed by the rare metal plates of CITIC Secondary Industry, the performance has grown significantly. 42 listed companies all achieved profitability, with average net profit increased Sheet Metal Stamping by 235.4% year-on-year, and 29 of which were doubled, and 12 profit increased by more than 300%.

\”\” Demand Growth is very obvious to profit, and at the same time, resource price increases have a very significant multiplier effect on the performance of resource listed companies, because resource company exploits costs are established. The new income brought by the price increase of downstream resources can almost all translate into profits. \”Li Xiaohua, the fund manager of Hua Fu Fund Index, believes, is precisely because of the price of prices to increase the multiplier effect of profit growth, rare metal in the downstream Demand high boom is supplied to the context of restrictions, the entire rare metal plate profit has increased significantly. From a single variety, rare earth and lithium are undoubtedly two varieties that have been bonded by new energy platter booths. \”A new energy vehicle’s demand for rare earth is approximately 3 to 5 times that of rare earth demand. This year, the explosive growth of new energy vehicles has been huge for rare earth. As for lithium, downstream The main needs areas are lithium batteries, while lithium batteries are mainly used in the fields of new energy vehicles and consumer electronics, and the proportion of lithium demand is more than 60%, including new energy vehicle power batteries to lithium demand The ratio is as high as 35%. \”Li Xiaowa believes that with the improvement of new energy vehicles, the market’s demand for rare earth and lithium will increase. While the market presents huge demand, the \”rare\” of the supply ends doubles the value of the rare metal. Take the rare earth known as \”industrial gold\” as an example, although my country has a certain advantage in rare earth reserves, production and processing smelting technology, the past has been in management, in recent years, with the rare earth strategic status, my country The policy level is standardized for rare earth supplyThe rare earth yield quota has been strictly limited, and it has been multiplied by its \”rare\” attribute.

Li Xiahua believes that combining the supply and demand of two major sections of rare earth and lithium, it is seen that the two largest sections of the two major sections are high, and the tight supply of the supplier cannot be effectively alleviated in a short period of time.The velocity or sustainableness of the rare metal plate represented by rare earth and lithium.(Economic Daily Reporter Ma Chunyang)

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