Here are some important steps to follow when hiring a casino party company for your next casino fundraiser

There are 7 key steps to help you plan your next casino fundraiser.

Since I’ve been in the planning and casino party business for many years, I’ve heard some very tragic stories from customers about what happened at their casino fundraisers. I want to share with you the 7 steps that you need to follow to make sure you have a successful fundraiser and hire THE BEST casino party company.

Step 1. Step 1. The planning committee. This is the most crucial step in planning. You must assign someone to each task. These tasks include the Law and getting licenses, finding the right location and catering, getting sponsors, getting gifts donated and finding the correct casino company. It Bocoran slot gacor is impossible to manage all the above tasks in one person. One person should be responsible for each item. They can then let them do the work, while reporting back to the person in charge of the event. It will take you a lot of time to complete all tasks. A good time frame is between 4-6 months and the event date.

Step 2. Step 2. Gambling is illegal and casino games are gambling. This is crucial because a casino fundraiser does not equal a car wash to raise money. Gambling is illegal and there are state authorities that can stop it. This means that your casino fundraiser will be exempt from the gambling laws. Let’s look at New Jersey as an example. ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control), the state agency, is responsible for finding and preventing illegal gambling. Unfortunately, their handbook doesn’t mention illegal gambling or exceptions to gambling laws. There have been occasions when one of their investigators tried to stop a casino fundraiser by claiming that it was gambling. Because of the second point, the situation was resolved prior to the event date. Your casino fundraiser may be illegal gambling, but you are exempt from the state gambling laws. New Jersey’s state legislature passed a law allowing casino gambling. They also created the Casino Control Commission, which oversees the activity. Additionally, they created a statute allowing casino fundraisers. The legalized Games of Chance Control Commission was created to supervise casino fundraisers. You should understand the law to ensure that your casino fundraiser is legal. A 501(c),3 non-profit organization that is used to holding car washes to raise funds does not mean that you can hold a casino fundraiser just because it sounds good. At this point, you need to understand that it is a smart idea to contact your state Office of the Attorney General in order to determine the laws in your state for a casino fundraiser.

Step 3. Step 3. Choose the Best casino company. A license may be required by your state for the casino company. New Jersey has seen instances where a non-profit organization called a party company casino was operating. This led to the event being stopped and the parties paying fines. Every state is different. In New Jersey, the casino company as well as all dealers must hold a license for casino fundraisers. The important thing is to find out the requirements by calling the appropriate state authorities. Next, you should call the casino companies to ask what they require to host a casino fundraiser. Good casino party companies will ask for your license. They can then email you the necessary forms to get the license. They will guide you through the process of obtaining your license, and getting permission from the township. They should explain the rules to you and help you understand them. This could lead to a disaster.

Step 4. Who are you really promoting your event? There are both local and national casino party companies. I have found that local companies work best because they are more familiar with your state’s laws than national companies. The worst part is that the national companies won’t be attending your event. They call local companies and get a quote. This adds hundreds of dollars to your bill for answering your call. The local company will then be responsible for your event. Their quote will be lower than that given by the national company. You will find photos of celebrities and people enjoying a night at the casino on each company’s website. It is irrelevant to what you are looking for. You may receive several price quotes from casino party companies. Some are within the same range, while others are higher or lower than others. Let’s say you were offered $1100, $1200, $1200, and $2000. It makes no sense that three quotes were within the same range but one was significantly higher. This is because the national company that gave the high quote will not host your event. They will call the local company that provided the lower quote and then add the additional money.

Step 5. Step 5. You want to allow 70 percent of your guests to play at the casino tables. This rule can be modified, but I wouldn’t allow guests to play below 50%. This should be discussed with the casino company. They should be in constant contact with your company throughout the week to discuss any changes to the tables. Imagine that 300 people attended your event, but 200 showed up the week before. Reputable casino companies will recommend that you decrease the number of tables. Poor casino companies will tell you to stick with their original suggestion, as they will make more. The BEST casino party company will want you to have the right number of tables, not too many or too little. They should not place their profits above your fundraising goals. Let’s now discuss the casino tables you will use for your event. As a licensed dealer, I believe that the best casinos have new equipment that does not fold metal legs or use skirting underneath the table to conceal the metal legs. Why is it that a real casino does not use metal folding legs for their tables? The weight of a craps or roulette table can be very heavy, with 14 people each shifting their weight and leaning on it. You don’t want the table to collapse so you can’t put metal folding legs on it. A table with metal folding legs is not a good place to play roulette or craps. You should make sure that the casino party company you choose to host your event insinuates that they are the only company responsible and that they will not subcontract any other company. The casino company should be required to take photographs of the tables that they plan to use for the event. While it is fine for them to show you the tables, I’d be curious as to why they don’t have photos of the actual tables on their site. You should not allow a company to take a picture of the top of the tables, with people having fun. This does not show the legs of a table, which I consider the most important.
Step 6. Step 6. The casino party company should make suggestions about the best casino tables and how many each table should be for your event. They will adhere to the rule that 70 percent of your guests can play. However, they should be in constant contact and willing to change or increase the number of tables as needed. The casino company wants to make money, but they are there to help. If you need to reduce the number or tables suggested by the casino company based on how many guests you have, the casino company is great and will help you to do so while still making a profit. Because they make more money, the poor casino companies will insist that you stick with your original plan. This is because if there are too many tables, your guests won’t be able to play, which means they can’t make donations. If you have too many tables, they won’t be used, which could lead to you spending more money than necessary, which could mean you lose money for charity. Last, remember that some casino parties companies that are involved in fundraising require a percentage of your profit. Don’t hire a company asking for a percentage of your profits. This is your money. The casino company should be viewed as a caterer or DJ. They get paid a flat fee for their services and not one penny more.

Step 7. Who will handle the money. Casino fundraisers have a strict rule that the casino company cannot touch the money. You should be aware that there may be thousands of dollars in the fund and you need to avoid any temptations or accusations. The best casino companies will help you set up a bank and tell you who your representatives can touch the money. The casino company pit boss may offer additional incentives to encourage donations. For example, he will make chip specials for your guests if they donate more at each table. However, this should only be done at one table with one of your representatives.